Those Who Excel

The following is a list of Unit 4 staff members who have been honored as part of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)'s prestigious Those Who Excel Award Program. ISBE annually sponsors Those Who Excel to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to our state's public and nonpublic elementary and secondary schools. Excellence, Meritorious Service and Special Recognition awards are presented in seven categories: classroom teacher, school administrator/principal, student support personnel (licensed), educational service personnel (unlicensed), school board member/community volunteer; team, and early career educator.

Nomination materials are evaluated by a selection committee comprised of individuals who represent a variety of educational organizations. Awards of Excellence winners in the classroom teacher category are finalists for the Illinois Teacher of the Year. Local school district leaders and members of school communities nominate candidates.

2009-2010 Jefferson AVID Team Excellence
2009-2010 Cindy Smith Education Services Personnel Merit
2009-2010 Lea Mellom Student Support Personnel Recognition
2010-2011 Susan Thomas Classroom Teacher Finalist: Teacher of the Year
2010-2011 Barbara Cook Education Service Personnel Recognition
2010-2011 Melanie Mader-Paul Community Volunteer Excellence
2010-2011 Marc Chagnon Student Support Personnel Excellence
2011-2012 Marques Lowe Student Support Personnel Excellence
2012-2013 Christine Adrian Classroom Teacher Excellence
2012-2013 Asia Hamilton-Fuller School Administrator Excellence
2012-2013 Shayonna Reid Education Service Personnel Merit
2012-2013 Patricia Shapley Board Member/Community Volunteer Excellence
2013-2014 Champaign Schools Magnet Team Team Recognition
2013-2014 MiChelle Frazer Early Career Educator Excellence
2013-2014 Kathy Hughes Student Support Personnel Recognition
2013-2014 Alyssa Mayer Classroom Teacher Recognition
2013-2014 Janet Khachaturian Community Volunteer Merit
2013-2014 Becky Restad Education Service Personnel Merit
2014-2015 Cheryl Camacho School Administrator Excellence
2014-2015 Andrea (A.J.) Griffith Classroom Teacher Recognition
2014-2015 Elizabeth Hahn Student Support Personnel Excellence
2014-2015 Marilyn Mastny Education Service Personnel Excellence
2014-2015 Unit 4 Educational Technology Coaching Team Team Merit
2015-2016 Scott Chedister Early Career Educator Merit
2015-2016 Kevin Farrell Student Support Personnel Merit
2015-2016 Kenwood Kennovation Team Merit
2015-2016 Jill McClean Classroom Teacher Merit
2015-2016 Lorena Rodriguez Education Support Personnel Merit