Truant Alternative Optional Educational Program

Unit 4’s Truant Interventionist/Student Advocates (TISA) staff employ a proactive approach focused on capacity building, skill building, persistence, self-confidence and resilience. They serve as a mentor and advocate for each student, providing case management services that build bridges to connect students and their families to Unit 4 and community resources. TISA staff will work closely with the Attendance Officer at each school as well as the school-based Attendance Improvement Committee (AIC) which meets weekly. The Assistant Principal, Attendance Office, Social Worker, School Counselor and representative grade level teachers comprise the Committee.

Unit 4 TISA staff will specifically provide the following non-academic truancy intervention supplemental services that are needed to increase student attendance rates or prevent students from dropping out of school. A minimum of 420 truants, chronic truants and potential dropouts will be served.

  • Court-Related Services Home Visits Mentoring
  • Personal Counseling
  • Referral for Social/Academic Services
  • Monitoring
  • Support Services for Parents/Families Transportation 


Verdell Jones


Verdell Jones, TISA

Rickey Parks


Rickey Parks, TISA

Rich Kelly


Rich Kelly, TISA