Step 4: Prepare for Kindergarten

Engage your student in activities that will help prepare him or her for kindergarten.

Teach Health and Safety

  • Teach children their first and last names, parents’ names, telephone numbers and addresses.
  • Teach children safety precautions for dealing with strangers, unfamiliar places and strange animals.
  • Provide a good example for health and safety rules.
  • Provide a good breakfast and well-balanced diet.
  • Keep children home when they are ill.
  • Set reasonable bedtime and rest periods (10 to 12 hours).
  • Teach safety precautions for crossing streets and driveways and show children the safest route to school.
  • Send children to school appropriately dressed for the weather.

Engage in a Variety of Living Experiences

  • Help your child feel comfortable and secure in activities and situations in which you or other family members are present.
  • Take children on “listening and looking” trips to zoos, parks, libraries, farms, woods, museums, etc.
  • Monitor children’s television viewing.
  • Help children learn to adapt to new situations and experiences.

Engage in a Variety of Language Experiences

  • Read to your child.
  • Talk to your child using clear, correct speech as a good example.
  • Listen to your children and encourage them to expand their vocabularies.
  • Provide easy access to books, newspapers and magazines.
  • Provide a good example by reading books, newspapers and magazines.

Develop Self Confidence

  • Assign your child small tasks to do around the house.
  • Help your child deal with common fears—thunder, noises, dogs, etc.
  • Teach your children to dress themselves and use the toilet by themselves.
  • Encourage your children’s efforts.
  • Let your children know that you love them even if they do something that is not good.
  • Praise your children.

Seek Community Resources for Kindergarten Readiness

A number of community organizations in Champaign and Savoy are deeply committed to supporting children and families in the area of early childhood education and wellness.

Champaign County Head Start -
Champaign-Urbana Public Health District -
Champaign Public Library -
Illinois Department of Human Services -
Tolono Library (Savoy) -
United Way of Champaign County -
CU Cradle to Career -


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