The vision of the Champaign Unit 4 social science program is to promote students’ active civic participation and competence.  Students study the social sciences as a means of understanding and becoming responsible participants in the world.


At the heart of our social science program is the belief that students will develop into active and responsible citizens of their school, community, state, country and the world.  To focus on this civic competence students will employ critical thinking in a problem and issue-centered curriculum.  Students are encouraged to investigate historically recurring patterns of social influence and propose solutions to contemporary societal problems.


The goal of social science education is to prepare students to be active and productive citizens in a democratic society amid a globally interdependent world.  Through an integrated study of social science disciplines, students will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and outlook as they become lifelong learners. 

The social science program should: 

  • Relate to the age, maturity, and concerns of students

  • Draw from currently valid knowledge representative of human experience, culture, and beliefs in all areas of the social sciences

  • Include strategies of instruction and learning activities that rely on a broad range of learning resources to ensure  students develop knowledge and skills for life long success

  • Consider the ethical dimensions of topics and address controversial issues while providing an arena for reflective development of concern for the common good and the application of democratic values

  • Provide students with challenging content, activities, and assessments

  • Engage students directly and actively in the learning process

  • Promote student exploration of the impact and relevance of social justice in their lives