Racial Identity Development Group

District educators have created a learning and leadership opportunity focused around racial identity development and advocacy. In collaboration with caring adults, selected students will work to meet the following objectives: 

  • To learn about their own racial identity, the racial identities of others, and how racial constructs inform societal norms and outcomes 
  • To formulate amongst male students a progressive understanding about race and identity 
  • To empower high school males to advocate for racial/social justice and become leaders for social justice 
  • To empower male students to positively influence the narrative about race in our community 
  • To facilitate a process for high school males to pay it forward and act as mentors to the younger generation and to continue this into adulthood 
  • To provide mentors to younger students who can help them be color brave and not color blind in school and the community 


Lindsay Aikman 
Centennial Teacher 
aikmanli@u4sd.org | 351.3951 

Kendra Bonam
Centennial Assistant Principal
bonamke@u4sd.org | 351.3951

Jamar Brown 
School Board Vice President 

Kate Flugge 
Central Teacher 
fluggeka@u4sd.org | 351.3911 

DeAndre Henderson
Centennial Teacher
henderde@u4sd.org | 351.3951 

Mike Lehr
Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning
lehrmi@u4sd.org | 351.3800 

Teneka Richardson
Edison Teacher
richarte@u4sd.org | 351.3771

Jaime Roundtree 
Principal, Booker T. Washington 
roundtja@u4sd.org | 351.3800 

Christopher Schultz 
Novak Teacher 
schultch@u4sd.org | 352.4328 

Laura Taylor 
Deputy Superintendent
taylorla@u4sd.org | 351.3702 

Sheldon Turner 
Operation Hope 
turnersh@u4sd.org | 351.3701