2019 Summer School Information

Registration Deadlines

Application Semester Application Due Date Class Begins Class Ends
Academic First Semester Friday, May 17, 2019 June 3 June 21
Academic Second Semester Friday, June 7, 2019 June 24 July 12
Safety (classroom Driver. Ed.) Only Semester Friday, May 3, 2019 June 3 June 20
Behind-the-Wheel Session I Friday, May 3, 2019 June 3 June 27
Behind-the-Wheel Session II Friday, May 3, 2019 July 1 July 25

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High School Academic Courses Summer 2019 - General Information

Contact Kristin Martinez with questions at 217-531-6812

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Semester 1

  • June 3                              First day of class for student
  • June 20                            First semester exams

Semester 2

  • June 24                            Second semester begins
  • July 11                             Second semester exams

Classes meet Monday - Thursday from 8:00am – 1:15pm (With exception to Semester 2, Thursday, July 4, there will be no school. Class will be held on Friday, July 5, for that week.)

***Please note the attendance and final examination policies below***


Registration for first term high school academic courses will be taken through Friday, May 17, 2019. Second term registration will be taken through Friday, June 7, 2019.  Complete the attached registration form and return it with fee, if applicable, to counseling office of home school.  A counselor’s signature is required. Out of district students should deliver registration form and fee to Central High School/Summer School Office (Kristin Martinez).

Resident Fees                                                             Nonresident Fees

Semester course           $100.00                                               Semester course                       $150.00

Full-year course            $200.00                                                Full-year course                        $300.00

Fee Waivers

Unit 4 students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch will be granted a fee waiver for summer school.

Nonresident Students

Qualified students will be accepted in courses with openings. Champaign Unit 4 students will be given preference for scheduling. Nonresident students will be required to pay the nonresident registration fee. No fee waivers will be granted to nonresident students. All nonresident applications should be returned to Central High School by the appropriate deadline.

Tuition Refunds

Registration fees will be refunded for any class in which the number of enrollees is insufficient or for which a qualified teacher cannot be employed. Tuition will not be refunded for any other reason after the first day of class.


All high school courses (both classroom and APEX) will be held at Centennial High School, 913 S. Crescent Drive., Champaign. The main office will be located in Centennial’s library on the first floor.  Phone number: 531-6812


Unit 4 students who live 1.5 miles away from Centennial qualify for free MTD transportation; however, they must request bus tokens from the summer school office.

***If residential students reside in non-MTD routed areas, Unit 4 transportation will be provided. In order to qualify for Unit 4 transportation, summer school applications must be turned in by the established deadlines. ***


All students qualify for a free snack and lunch during summer school.


Regular attendance is required. Any student absent more than eight (8) hours per term (regardless of reason) will forfeit his/her credit and fees. Student will be assessed one (1) hour’s absent for each tardy beyond ten (10) minutes. Every two (2) tardies under ten (10) minutes will count as one (1) hour of absence. Summer vacations and camps should not be scheduled during the summer school period.

School Regulations

Champaign Unit 4 summer school is a voluntary program provided for students seeking remedial or additional learning opportunities. In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, the Student Code of Conduct is in effect during summer school as during the regular school year. In cases pertaining to smoking, excessive tardiness, controlled substance abuse, and acts of gross misconduct, a student may be dismissed from summer school immediately.

For more minor infractions, the following system is in place. First referral is a warning. Second referral equals one (1) hour of absence. Third referral is grounds from dismissal from summer school. Dismissal from summer school means forfeiture of credit and fees.

Study Requirements

Because a week’s study in the regular school year is covered each day of summer school, it is obvious that a considerable amount of study at home is necessary.  Work missed due to an unavoidable absence must be made up within three (3) days after returning to school.  Responsibility for making arrangements for make-up tests lies within the student.

APEX Courses

APEX Learning is an online digital curriculum that offers a broad range of comprehensive standards-based courses. APEX is used to give students an alternative method for credit recovery to increase on-time graduation. The classroom teacher is responsible for monitoring student progress and students are required to demonstrate mastery for each activity before they are allowed to move on to the next activity.  All quizzes and tests are required to be done within the classroom monitored by the teacher.

Unless otherwise approved for a senior by the summer school administrator, students who complete their courses early are not allowed to take multiple APEX courses in a single session and must wait until the beginning of the next session to begin another class. Unless otherwise approved, all APEX courses are to be taken as Credit Recovery courses.

Final Examination Policy

Attendance is mandatory on the last day of each semester, as final examinations are scheduled on that day. Students not in attendance will forfeit their credit and fees. FINAL EXAMINATIONS WILL NOT BE GIVEN EARLY.

Lost/Damaged Textbooks
Students are responsible for fines associated with lost or damaged textbooks.

Credit Overview

  1. A student may register for only one course each term. Students are required to meet with their counselor before registering for a course.
  2. If a student is retaking a course, he/she has already passed, the higher grade will count towards grade point average and class rank.
  3. A student misses more than eight (8) hours per term will be dropped from the class. (Family vacations, summer camps, etc. must be scheduled so as not to conflict with summer school.)
  4. Weighted honor points are awarded at the end of each semester and each session of summer school. For all students except true incoming freshmen, classes taken during summer school will be included and calculated with those taken during the most recently completed school year. For true incoming freshmen, classes taken during summer school will be included and calculated with those taken during the first year of high school.