Special Programs


On scheduled early dismissal days, Kids Plus will operate from the early dismissal time until 6 p.m. Unless a field trip is planned, there is no additional cost. Students dismissed before lunch must bring a sack lunch. 


Days Out programs will be held at one of the 12 elementary schools and will operate from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. During the program, various individual & group games, activities, and arts & crafts projects will be offered. Each Days Out program is different and may include field trips, themed events, movies, and many other special activities. Days Out program registration is handled at the Family Information Center. Applications must be turned in by the registration deadline. Each Days Out Program registration fee is $25 per student. 


Students who attend balanced calendar schools (Barkstall & Kenwood) can participate in the Kids Plus Intersession Program. Intersession is structured similar to a Days Out program but has additional themes, trips, and activities for the three week period. Registration for Intersession is handled in the Family Information Center and payment is due in full at the time of registration for each week of attendance. Intersession is sold by the week only. School uniforms are not required. 


Structured similarly to a Days Out Program, this five day program may have daily themes, additional activities, and field trips. Registration for Spring Break is handled at the Family Information Center and payment is due in full. Spring Break is sold by the full week only. 


• Registration is required for ALL Special Programs.
• An additional fee for each special program is required (Days Out, Spring Break & Intersession). Payment is required at the time of registration. 
• Refunds or credits will NOT be issued unless written request is received and approved by the Program Office. Registration forms will be available online at the Kids Plus website, and in the program office. 
• Registration forms CANNOT be distributed or accepted at the individual school sites. 
• Students are required to bring a sack lunch for all Special Programs (unless indicated otherwise). 
• All Special Program fees include the cost of fieldtrips, guest speakers, snacks, and special events.
• Registrations mailed or turned in after the deadline will not be accepted and will be returned.