Enrollment is open to all (K-5) students attending Unit 4 Schools.

Students are only able to enroll at the elementary school they attend during the school day. A completed and signed registration form must be on file in the program office before a student may begin the program. Payment must be made at the time of registration. Students with an outstanding balance are not eligible to attend until payment or an approved payment arrangement is made.  

Monthly Admission Fees

Plan A: Monday – Friday Attendance
Before School: $80       After School: $200     Before & After School:   $235          

Plan B: Monday, Wednesday, Friday Attendance
Before School: $60        After School: $140     Before & After School:  $185

Plan C: Tuesday, Thursday Attendance
Before School: $40        After School: $80       Before & After School:     $ 115

When registering a student, an attendance schedule must be selected.  Payments are required at the start of each month.

Registration forms will be accepted through the 15th day of each month. After the 15th, registrations will be held and your child may not be able to attend the Kids Plus Program until the first school day of the following month. 

Families who need to cancel the program or make changes to their attendance plans must notify Program Office. Changes to the attendance plan will not take effect until the first of the following month. Refunds will not be given for those who make schedule changes mid-month.