Why Champaign Unit 4?

Working in Unit 4 offers the opportunity to grow as an employee, as a person, and as an advocate for children. We are looking for staff members who don’t just go to work every day, but who are on a mission to help every child reach his or her full potential. We are dedicated to providing the very best service to our students and families, and our service results in outstanding classroom instruction, efficient and helpful offices, a clean and inviting learning environment, safe transportation, nutritious meals, and dozens of outstanding support programs in areas such as nursing, libraries, counseling, social work, therapy, and after school care. We invite you to review our commitment to enabling every child to do his or her best and consider joining our outstanding staff.

5 Great Reasons to Work at Unit 4

  1. You get to work with great students.
  2. We have a Novice Teacher Induction program that is recognized for excellence and supports teachers who are new to the profession.
  3. All staff members are valued and given appropriate orientation, training and support.
  4. Salaries and benefits are regionally competitive.
  5. Did we mention that you get to work with really, really great students?

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