Building Nurse Staff

Margee Poole, BSN, RN

  • Position: Margee is the Nurse Administrator for Champaign Unit 4 Schools, she oversees nursing services at all of the Champaign Unit 4 Schools. Margee joined the Champaign Unit 4 Schools in September of 2009. 
  • Background: Attended Millikin University’s BSN in nursing program. She has been a nurse for over 25 years, with experience in inpatient Maternal/Child Health, Ambulatory Family practice and Pediatrics. Margee has also worked in Process Improvement and Quality.
  • Contact:, Office Phone: (217) 351-3701, Office Address: 703 S. New St. Champaign, IL 61820

Danielle Barbee, Licensed Practical Nurse

  • School Assignment: Barkstall Elementary and Kenwood Elementary. Danielle joined Champaign Unit 4 Schools in August 2019.
  • Background: Attended Capital Area School in Springfield, Ill. She has experience in geriatrics, family medicine and acute care/medical-surgical nursing.
  • Contact:, Barkstall office: (217) 373-5580, Kenwood Office: (217) 351-3815

Destiny Decker, Registered Nurse

  • School Assignment: Dr. Howard Elementary and South Side Elementary. Destiny joined Champaign Unit 4 Schools in November of 2013. 
  • Background: Attended Lincoln University and has experience as a school nurse and maternal/child health nurse.
  • Contact:, South Side Office: (217) 351-3890, Dr. Howard Office: (217) 351-3866

Joni Fredrickson, BSN, RN

  • School Assignment: Central High School. Joni joined Champaign Unit 4 Schools in January of 2015.
  • Background: Joni has been a nurse since 1983. She has worked in Oncology, OB, Oral/Maxillofacial trauma, and as a staff member in the Parkland AND program.
  • Contact:, Central H.S. Office: (217) 351-3911

Cindy Limentato, Registered Nurse

  • School Assignment: Garden Hills Elementary and Westview Elementary. Cindy joined Champaign Unit 4 Schools in August of 2013.
  • Background: Studied nursing at Oral Roberts University. She has experience in Maternal/Child Health and Urgent Care nursing.
  • Contact:, Garden Hills Office: (217) 351-3872, Westview Office: (217) 351-3905

Amy Luening, BSN, RN

  • School Assignment: Franklin Middle School. Amy joined Champaign Unit 4 Schools in February 2019.
  • Background: Attended Denver College of Nursing's BSN program. She has experience in NICU, Pediatrics, Labor and Delivery, and OB nursing. Amy subbed for the District for six months before becomings a full-time employee. 
  • Contact:, Franklin Office: (217) 351-3819

Kendyl Niemeier, BSN, RN

  • School Assigmnet: Booker T. Washington Elementary. Kendyl joined Champaign Unit 4 Schools in August 2019.
  • Background Studied at Ivy Tech in Indiana and BSN through WGU Indiana. She has experience in acute pediatrics and phone triage. 
  • Contact:, Booker T. Washington Office: (217) 351- 3901

Joie Ponder, Registered Nurse

  • School Assignment: Robeson and International Prep Academy. Joie joined Champaign Unit 4 Schools in October of 2017.
  • Background: Studied nursing at Parkland College and community health at Eastern Illinois University. She has experience in medical/surgical nursing.
  • Contact:, Robeson Office: (217) 351-3884, IPA Office: (217) 351-3995

Shelly Schuyler, BSN, RN

  • School Assignment: Carrie Busey Elementary. Shelly joined Champaign Unit 4 Schools in September 2019.
  • Background: Studied nursing at Jewish Hospital College of Nursing. She has experience in Cardiology, Medical devices, Nursing Leadership and Patient Education.
  • Contact:, Carrie Busey Office: (217) 351-3811

Valerie Skaperdas, Registered Nurse

  • School Assignment: Stratton Elementary, Novak Academy, and Champaign Early Childhood. Valerie joined Champaign Unit 4 Schools in 2006. 
  • Background: Attended nursing school at Parkland Community College. She has experience in Medical nursing, Maternal/Child Health, including NICU, and Mental Health nursing for both adults and children.
  • Contact:, Stratton Office: (217) 373-7330, CECC Office: (217) 351-3881

Dawn Taylor, BSN, RN

  • School Assignment: Centennial High School. Dawn joined Champaign Unit 4 Schools in January 2018.
  • Background: Attended Lakeview College of Nursing's BSN program. Has experience in Cardio/Pulmonary, Family Medicine and Geriatrics.
  • Contact:, Central H.S. Office: (217) 351-3951

Courtney Wendell, Licensed Practical Nurse

  • School Assignment: Bottenfield Elementary. Courtney joined Champaign Unit 4 Schools in March 2019.
  • Background: Attended Parkland College LPN Program. She has experience in Geriatrics and Adult Medicine. 
  • Contact:, Bottenfield Office: (217) 351-3807