Fine Arts Philosophy

It is the belief of the Champaign Unit 4 Schools that all students deserve access to the arts through creation, performance and study.  Success in the 21st century requires that our students sharpen their observational and critical thinking skills.  They must also cultivate visual literacy skills and develop a range of means for self-expression.  The arts offer a universal language, encompassing all forms of communication that enable students to express a variety of viewpoints and ideas through the visual arts, music, dance and drama. Arts education helps students develop the ability to think clearly, critically and creatively. 

Through the study of the arts, students also demonstrate and deepen their understanding of basic knowledge and skills.  The national, state and local standards for arts education reinforce applied learning skills that cross academic discipline

  • Solving problems and thinking critically
  • Communicating, by expressing and interpreting information and ideas
  • Using technology to access information, express ideas and communicate results
  • Working in teams to learn and contribute productively as individuals and members of  group
  • Making connections between the four arts areas, and between the arts and other disciplines 

The Champaign Schools philosophy for arts education was developed using the National Standards for Arts Education, the Illinois State Fine Arts Goals, and local standards contributed by fine arts teachers.