Mission Statement

Our mission is to reinforce the academic learning process of students by uniting the business and educational communities in a common goal to prepare all students - whether they are going directly into the workforce, to a community college, or to a four-year university - for productive and satisfying careers in the 21st century.


Throughout their high school years, students are growing and developing in many ways - intellectually, physically and emotionally.  During these years, students need to consider their strengths and explore and develop background knowledge about the world of careers before they have to make important life choices.

One of our objectives at Champaign Centennial, Champaign Central and the Novak Academy is to introduce all of our 2,800+ high school students to the world of careers and to help them understand the relevance of academic study through our Education to Careers and Professions Program (ECP).

We hear our students say things like, “Why do we need to learn this?” or “When will I ever use this stuff?”  Our students have a need and deserve the opportunity to connect academic knowledge and skills to real world situations. When our students are able to do this, their levels of understanding and application is increased and their motivation to achieve is improved.  Students can learn more and see the relevance of what they learn when given the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills to “real-world” challenges both in and out of a traditional classroom setting.  Through the ECP program, our students can discover how to identify personal interests, match these with a career pathway, experience the world of work first hand and plan an academic program to meet future goals.  To accomplish this, opportunities must be made available for our students to experience the world of work, and the ECP program is our common-sense approach to preparing our students to succeed in the 21st Century.

While the ECP program incorporates career preparation into our students’ years at Centennial and Central High School, it is not a job-training program.  ECP is not just another name for vocational education or traditional work programs.  ECP is different in many ways, but primarily in its emphasis on helping all of our students gain a sense of direction with a purpose that will lead to improved academic achievement and success in their futures.