Program Components

Program Components: 

School-based learning - curriculum and instruction stressing rigorous academic achievement which is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards and includes "real world" applications. 

Work-based learning - each and every student has the opportunity to participate in school-coordinated community/work- based learning experiences which are progressive in nature and include such experiences as hearing career guest speakers, job shadowing, career mentoring, project-based internships, etc.

Connecting Activities - career guidance and development are available to each and every student and their parent/guardian to assist in the career decision making process.

The success of the Education to Careers and Professions Program requires extensive collaboration.  It brings together faculty, administrators, counselors, business/industry, parents and postsecondary institutions in order to connect the worlds of work and school, thereby improving the relevance of education for our students. Through this collaborative process students have the opportunity to apply academic concepts to specific job situations.

Who Benefits From The Program?

Everyone in the local community benefits! The business community, teachers, parents and guardians, and especially our greatest future resource: our students. The primary emphasis of the ECP program is on helping all of our students gain a sense of direction with a purpose that will lead to improved academic achievement and success in their futures.