Choice Committee

The Choice Committee meets to review various aspects of the Choice process including but not limited to the registration process, student assignments criteria, transfer requests, and marketing strategies. The Committee may discuss both procedural and policy changes as a part of the work of this task force.

Committee Membership

Dr. Susan Zola - Superintendent, Unit 4 Schools

Viodelda Judkins - Director of ESL and Bilingual Education

Stephanie Eckels - Principal, Stratton Elementary School

Trevor Nadrozny - Principal, Kenwood Elementary

Heidi Johnson - Choice Specialist

Becky Laws - Choice Specialist

Joyce Roundtree - Choice Specialist

Heather Vazquez - Unit 4 Parent and Board of Education Member

Amy Armstrong - Unit 4 Parent and Board of Education Member

Judith Martinez - English Learner Parent Liaison

Laura Bleill - Unit 4 Parent